Artists in Residence

AIR Serenbe promotes the creative process by providing artists of the highest calibre uninterrupted time & space and a welcoming community in which to create.

AIR (Artists in Residence) Serenbe is a unit of The Serenbe Institute. We seek to fuse art and cultural content to further The Serenbe Institute’s mission to explore, embrace and expand the connection between nature, culture and the art of living.

Artists of all disciplines are nominated annually by a National Advisory Council.  From the nominated list of established artists, AIR Serenbe offers a residency to a select group annually. These residencies typically last two weeks to one month.  Project-based residencies have lasted longer. An essential tenet of AIR is that uninterrupted time without conditions or interruptions is fundamental to the creative process.  Subject to the artist’s discretion, opportunities to engage with the community are encouraged and facilitated.  Artists are provided with housing, working space, and a stipend.  Some residencies have included the artist’s family.

For more information, visit the AIR Serenbe website.