We believe people can live more fully when connected to Nature’s wonders.

Nestled within the rolling Chattahoochee Hill Country in Georgia, Serenbe is a community that strives to be a living part of our natural surroundings, not something to be built at Nature's expense. We recognize how much we need Nature in our lives: we need fresh air, fresh food, trees and grass around us. Being grounded and connected to Nature allows us to live healthier and more fruitful lives. More importantly, Nature binds us all together in our humanity. 

The reverence and integration of Nature as a critical component of our work is an uncompromising pillar of all that we do. At full development, more than 700 acres of Serenbe's greenspace and wetlands will be designated as protected land. The Serenbe Institute is charged with not only ensuring the protection and maintenance of this invaluable asset for our community, but also designing programs that engage and educate our residents, neighbors and visitors about the land that we call home.