Serenbe Fellows

Our Fellows program brings together cultural and environmental thought leaders and eminent scholars for short term residencies at Serenbe.

Serenbe Fellows brings preeminent thought leaders, respected scholars and nationally recognized artists to Serenbe to discourse with Serenbe residents, visitors and the greater Atlanta community on issues that contribute to the health, vitality, joy and sustainability of Serenbe and The Institute. Topics range from responsible community development to the impact of the arts on a community's quality of life. Our Fellows program promotes an ongoing dialogue about what a great life in Serenbe and beyond can look like, and informs how we sustain our work in the future. 

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Saturday, November 18

Beauty: A Journey Home

Beauty truly is in the eye of the holder. Each of us perceives this elusive quality in ways that are quite personal and immediate. Over time, as beauty became associated with costly materials, it became the province of the fortunate. Today, however, designers and engineers are studying nature and human behavior to uncover what makes us feel as our forebears once did: at home in the world. Join international best-selling author Judith Dupré for an illustrated discussion about beauty, its transcendent power and potential for good, with examples from landmark structures, including the World Trade Center, bridges, churches, and planned communities.

Judith Dupré’s books investigate history through the lens of an individual building type, whether skyscrapers, bridges, churches or monuments. She seeks to captivate the imagination of the general reader, and illuminate the relationship between the arts, the built environment and one’s quality of life. Her narrative nonfiction books have been critically received and translated into eleven languages. Her editorials and essays have appeared in America, Architectural Record, USA Today, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, and Wowowow, among others.

Join us for a presentation by Judith on Saturday, November 18 at 4 pm in the Oak Room at the Inn at Serenbe, followed by a book signing.  This event is free and open to all.

Saturday evening, Serenbe Fellows will host an intimate dinner, Food for Thoughtwhich will provide an opportunity for deeper conversation with Judith.  Tickets are $35 and space is limited.

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Previous Fellows have included: 

Harriet Tregoning
Director, Community Planning and Development, HUD

Mark Mykleby
Co-Director at Strategic Innovation Lab, Case Western Reserve University
co-author of A National Strategic Narrative

Jeff Speck
Architect, Planner and Author

Leon Krier
Architect and Author

Dr. Daniel Friedland
SuperSmartHealth’s Founder and CEO

Dr. Stanley Meiberg
Acting Deputy Administrator, EPA

Christopher Leinberger
Charles Bendit Distinguished Scholar and Research Professor, George Washington University
Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Geoffrey Anderson
President, Smart Growth America