Serenbe Life

We believe in the ethos of Serenbe. We celebrate the vibrancy of the community with events that bring us all together.  

Whether you are a visitor, a new resident, or have lived at Serenbe for years, something about Serenbe connected with you. Connecting with community and creating a sense of place is at the heart of Serenbe Life. Serenbe Life builds events that bring together our community to share and preserve our unique history through storytelling, documentation, and relationships.

If you have questions regarding Serenbe Life, please contact us here.

Big News from Serenbe Life!

As you may have heard, the Serenbe Life Committee has a community-wide project underway. 

In October David Brain, a professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies at the New College of Florida ( came back to Serenbe for a check in with the Serenbe Life Committee. While he was here here he recommended a book The Abundant Community, and the committee read it.

We are thrilled about this book and are undertaking a community read and discussion about the next steps we can take to continue to shape the culture of Serenbe so it continues to grow in a positive and collaborative way. 

The first case of books are in at Hills and Hamlets. Josh has books he can sell, and the committee will be talking to established groups in the community to introduce the book and will be selling the book as well. It is our plan that by the fall we will have David back for an in-depth discussion about the implications this book has for our wonderful community, but that in the meantime it will encourage us to continue to dream big about who we can be.

It is an engaging book that speaks to many of the reasons we have all chosen to live in Serenbe rather than other places. We look forward to having these discussions and supporting all of you in continuing to form a compassionate and collaborative community.